Where is Windlab developing?

What does windwindlab do for Community Relations?

  • Windlab puts community relations at the forefront of everything it does when developing a wind project. This is vital as a wind farm will be a part of a community’s infrastructure for 25 years or more.

Who is windwindlab asset management?

  • Windlab Asset Management is a specialist renewable energy asset manager. It currently oversees $AUD1 Billion of renewable energy projects. These are all managed by on-the-ground site supervisors, along with specialised hardware and software from the company’s Global Operations Hub in Canberra.

What is NREL doing to advance wind energy?

  • From conceptualizing taller turbines capable of greater energy capture to assessing the United States' offshore wind energy needs and potential, NREL's wind energy program advances wind technologies from initial concepts to deployment.

image-Where is Windlab developing?
image-Where is Windlab developing?
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