Where does BattleBots take place?

Where is BattleBots filmed at?

  • First airing in 2000 on Comedy Central and filmed in San Francisco and Treasure Island, BattleBots was my absolute favorite TV Show.

Where is BattleBots arena located?

  • BattleBots was an American company that hosted robot competitions. BattleBots was also the name of the television show created from the competition footage hosted by comedian Bil Dwyer. BattleBots Inc. was headquartered in Vallejo, California and held most of its competitions in the San Francisco area.

Where do they film BattleBots?

  • The world is not a joyless place. And since BattleBots needs to be filmed in front of a live audience (so Skynet knows who to go for first), the production company is selling $10 tickets for the show, set to film in Vallejo, CA, on May 21st-23rd. That’s a small amount of money for a large amount of destruction.

image-Where does BattleBots take place?
image-Where does BattleBots take place?
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