What personality traits do most engineers share?

What is it like to be an engineer?

  • Sufficient engineers have substantially the same traits that a stereotype personality has evolved depicting them - they are thought of as intelligent, logical, introverted but with poor communication skills and dress sense. Is that characterisation justified? Well er, yes - pretty well, since it's not hard to find examples of the 'nerdy' engineer.

Why are engineers so curious?

  • Engineers are curious because they want to know how and why things work as they do. For many engineers, once they have this understanding, their thinking morphs into how they can make it better, faster, and more efficient for less money! 2. Critical Thinking

What are the disadvantages of being an engineer?

  • The engineer's attachment to structure may lead to an authoritarian approach. Engineers may focus on theories and be reluctant to consider conflicting data. Engineers can be impersonal and reserved and may take little interest in other people. Engineers may have poor social skills and be insensitive to the feelings of others.

image-What personality traits do most engineers share?
image-What personality traits do most engineers share?
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