What is the TCIA cancer archive?

What is tctcia and why is it important?

  • TCIA organizes and catalogs the images so that they may be used by the research community for a variety of purposes. Cancer researchers can use this data to test new hypotheses and develop new analysis techniques to advance our scientific understanding of cancer.

Is TCIA data available to the general public?

  • Most TCIA collections and images are accessible to the general public. You can access the data by searching by Cancer Type, Collections, DOI, or by using the REST API. TCIA is intended to be a resource to the wider imaging research community.

How can we enhance the value of TCIA image collections?

  • To enhance the value of TCIA collections we encourage the research community to publish their analyses of existing TCIA image collections. Examples of this kind of data includes radiologist or pathologist annotations, image classifications, segmentations, radiomics features, or derived/reprocessed images.

image-What is the TCIA cancer archive?
image-What is the TCIA cancer archive?
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