What is the size of a cache block?

How does the size of the cache line affect the caching system?

  • The size of cache line affects a lot of parameters in the caching system. The following results discuss the effect of changing the cache block (or line) size in a caching system. The larger the block size, better will be the spatial locality. A smaller block size will contain a smaller number of near by addresses in it.

How to map a block of memory to a particular cache line?

  • A particular block of main memory can be mapped to one particular cache line only. Block ā€˜jā€™ of main memory will map to line number (j mod number of cache lines) of the cache. There is no need of any replacement algorithm. In this article, we will discuss practice problems based on direct mapping.

What is the size of cache in a storage array?

  • The storage array's controller organizes its cache into "blocks," which are chunks of memory that can be 4, 8, 16, or 32 KiBs in size. All volumes on the storage system share the same cache space; therefore, the volumes can have only one cache block size. Likewise, what is the size of cache?

image-What is the size of a cache block?
image-What is the size of a cache block?
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