What is the “rank-size rule” related to?

What is the rank size rule in urban geography?

  • Primate Cities and the Rank-Size Rule. The Rank-Size Rule. •If all cities in a country are placed in order from the largest to the smallest, each one will have a population half the size of the preceding city.

What is the meaning of rank size distribution?

  • The concept of Rank-Size Rule or Rank-Size Distribution. The Rank-Size Rule was revealed in both developed and underdeveloped countries when the cumulative frequency of cities with a population of greater than twenty thousand people was ranked against the size of a city on a log-normal scale.

What is the difference between rank size rule and binary pattern?

  • The theoretical rank size rule pattern is a straight line. In urban primacy, a single city dominates and is much greater than the next large center (primary pattern). In Binary pattern two or more cities are larger than the predicted size.

image-What is the “rank-size rule” related to?
image-What is the “rank-size rule” related to?
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