What is the meaning of neostriatum?

Where does the neostriatum receive input from?

  • The neostriatum receives input from the entire cerebral cortex and other brain areas and provides output to the basal nuclei. Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 9th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

How many compartments are there in the neostriatum?

  • The primate neostriatum is heterogeneously organized. Based on levels of acetylcholinesterase activity two compartments can be identified: the matrix and the striosomes.

What two structures make up the striatum?

  • Making up the striatum (or neostriatum) are the caudate nucleus and the putamen. The term striatum resulted from the striped appearance of the area due to the many axon fibers passing through it. The caudate nucleus is a C-shaped formation.

image-What is the meaning of neostriatum?
image-What is the meaning of neostriatum?
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