What is the ischiatic nerve?

What is the meaning of ischial?

  • Relating to or situated in the neighborhood of the ischium or hip. Ischial or sciatic. Synonym (s): ischiadic, ischial, ischiatic. Relating to sciatica.

What does tendonitis at the ischiatic bone mean?

  • Tendonitis at the ischiatic bone. Anatomy: The large posterior thigh muscles (hamstring muscles) have a common muscle tendon fastening on the ischiatic bone (tuber ischiadicum). The posterior thigh muscles flex the knee and stretch the hip.

What are the symptoms of pain in the ischiatic bone?

  • Symptoms: Pain in the ischiatic bone can occasionally radiate down into the rear of the thigh. The pain is aggravated when applying pressure on the bone (e.g. sitting position), stretching and activating the posterior thigh muscles (flexing the knee against resistance).

image-What is the ischiatic nerve?
image-What is the ischiatic nerve?
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