What is the file system layering approach?

What is layered structure in OS?

  • Layered Structure is a type of system structure in which the different services of the operating system are split into various layers, where each layer has a specific well-defined task to perform. It was created to improve the pre-existing structures like the Monolithic structure ( UNIX ) and the Simple structure ( MS-DOS ).

What is a file system?

  • A file System must be able to store the file, locate the file and retrieve the file. Most of the Operating Systems use layering approach for every task including file systems. Every layer of the file system is responsible for some activities.

What is layer change in operating system?

  • Change in one layer specification does not affect the rest of the layers. Each of the layers in the operating system can only interact with the layers that are above and below it. The lowest layer handles the hardware and the uppermost layer deals with the user applications. There are six layers in the layered operating system.

image-What is the file system layering approach?
image-What is the file system layering approach?
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