What is smelly code?

What is code smelling in Java?

  • Such patterns are called Code Smells and detection of such code is called Code Smelling. Code Smells are not the bugs of the program. With code smells too, your program might work just fine. They do not prevent the program from functioning or are incorrect.

What is Badbad smell in C++?

  • Bad Smell is a term that has been used for messy or dirty coding, this term says there is part of the code which needs to be clean in term of future.

What are the smells of object-oriented programming?

  • All these smells are incomplete or incorrect application of object-oriented programming principles. These smells mean that if you need to change something in one place in your code, you have to make many changes in other places too.

image-What is smelly code?
image-What is smelly code?
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