What is ReqIF and how to use it?

What is the ReqIF Requirements exchange format?

  • The requirements exchange format also defines a workflow for transmitting the status of requirements between partners. Although developed in the automotive industry, ReqIF is suitable for lossless exchange of requirements in any industry.

What is Requirements Interchange Format (RIF)?

  • It's the Requirements Interchange Format, used by many software tools to exchange requirements. This sites explains exactly what it is, and how you can use it. (Hint: exchanging requirements is just the beginning, there is much, much more ).

What is ReqIF file extension?

  • ReqIF is an XML file based data exchange, with the following file extensions: .reqif for a single ReqIF XML file (instead of the usual .xml extension) .reqifz for ZIP archives containing ReqIF files and additional files, e.g. images (instead of the usual .zip extension)

image-What is ReqIF and how to use it?
image-What is ReqIF and how to use it?
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