What is galvanic skin response (GSR)?

Is galvanic skin response a good indicator of stress?

  • Additional studies show the value of galvanic skin response as both an indicator of stress and predictor of performance. One study, for instance, showed that galvanic skin response can be used to predict performance in stressful situations. 10

What is the difference between electrodermal and galvanic skin resistance?

  • The combined changes between electrodermal resistance and electrodermal potential make up electrodermal activity. Galvanic skin resistance (GSR) is an older term that refers to the recorded electrical resistance between two electrodes when a very weak current is steadily passed between them.

How does a polygraph measure galvanic response?

  • Along with measuring heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure, the polygraph measures galvanic skin response as questions are asked. A polygrapher is trained and qualified to interpret the responses to the questions, but standardized questioning procedures must be followed to get an accurate reading.

image-What is galvanic skin response (GSR)?
image-What is galvanic skin response (GSR)?
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