What is Enterprise Architecture Planning?

What is enterenterprise architecture?

  • Enterprise architecture is a strategic and comprehensive blueprint for how IT infrastructure will be used across an organization to help meet that organization’s goals.

How can enterprise architecture be used in the promotion of business?

  • This category demonstrates the way in which EA can be used in the promotion of business and the alignment of IT. Examples include using the Enterprise Architecture models to explain the business, assess the impact of business changes, and ensure that long-range systems plans complement the business plans.

What is enterprise application planning (EAP)?

  • EAP is planning that focuses on the development of matrixes for comparing and analyzing data, applications, and technology. Most important, EAP produces an implementation plan. Within the Federal Enterprise Architecture, EAP will be completed segment enterprise by segment enterprise.

image-What is Enterprise Architecture Planning?
image-What is Enterprise Architecture Planning?
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