What is electrochemical synthesis (electrosynthesis)?

How do you synthesize MOF from electrodes?

  • In the case of direct electrosynthesis methods such as anodic dissolution and reductive electrosynthesis, the MOFs are synthesized using electrochemical reaction which occurs on the surface of the electrode. In these methods, the electrochemical reaction directly results in the desired MOF.

What are the applications of electrochemical synthesis of metal-organic frameworks?

  • In recent years, the electrochemical synthesis of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) has gained high attention in emerging applications such as biomedical engineering.

How are coordination polymers synthesized by electrochemistry?

  • Different types of these coordination polymers have been synthesized by electrochemical methods such as anodic dissolution, reductive electrosynthesis, electrophoretic deposition, and galvanic displacement.

image-What is electrochemical synthesis (electrosynthesis)?
image-What is electrochemical synthesis (electrosynthesis)?
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