What is deep face on Facebook?

How does DeepFace work?

  • The deepface tool works on a face verification algorithm, structured by artificial intelligence (AI) techniques using neural network models. A neural network is a collection of trained neurons that perform various analyze and imitate the human brain to given out the results.

What is Facebook's DeepFace algorithm?

  • If two different images have similar enough descriptions, DeepFace decides they must show the same face. According to Facebook, DeepFace remains purely a research project for now. Theoretically, the algorithm could be expanded to cover a much larger identities, and then be applied to Facebook’s social network itself.

What is deep face model?

  • DeepFace model is a 8 layered convolutional neural networks. Each layer is named with a letter and number as seen. Here, number refers to the index from 1 to 8 and letter states the type of layer. C refers to convolutional layer, M refers to max pooling, L refers to locally connected layer and F refers to fully connected layer.

image-What is deep face on Facebook?
image-What is deep face on Facebook?
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