What is autonomous haulage technology?

Where are autonomous haul trucks used in mining?

  • Newmont recently announced plans to make the Boddington mine the world’s first open-pit gold mine with an autonomous haul truck fleet, and they are also being used in oil sands mines in Canada. As of February 2020, GlobaData’s Mining Intelligence Center was tracking 459 autonomous haul trucks operating on surface mines across the globe.

When will autonomous trucks be available in Australia?

  • Both are continuing to extend their autonomous fleets in Australia, with Komatsu, for example, working with BHP to roll out a fleet of up to 86 autonomous Komatsu trucks at the Goonyella Riverside coal mine over the next two years, with the first autonomous trucks expected to be operational by approximately mid-2020.

Are autonomous trucks more fuel efficient?

  • The University of California San Diego performed a comprehensive study comparing the fuel efficiency of manually driven trucks to trucks operating autonomously using TuSimple technology. The result showed that trucks operating using TuSimple’s technology were 10% more fuel efficient.

image-What is autonomous haulage technology?
image-What is autonomous haulage technology?
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