What is artificial skin made out of?

What is the difference between artificial skin and skin graft?

  • Artificial skin should be differentiated from the skin graft, which is an operation in which healthy skin is removed from a donor and attached it to a wounded area. The donor is preferably the patient themself, but could also come from other humans, including cadavers, or from animals like pigs.

How is artificial skin used to treat burns?

  • Artificial skin. Keeping burn patients in sterile (germ free) rooms can protect against infection, and covering burned areas with grafts (a piece of skin or bone transplanted from one area of the body to another) from the patient's own skin or temporary grafts from other humans or pigs can help save some patients.

What are the disadvantages of artificial skin?

  • For example, artificial skin is expensive as the process to make such skin is complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, artificial skin, as in the case of sheets grown from skin cells, can also be more fragile than their natural counterparts.

image-What is artificial skin made out of?
image-What is artificial skin made out of?
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