What is an unsynchronized shock?

What is the purpose of synchronizing the shock in synchronized cardioversion?

  • The purpose of synchronizing the shock delivered in synchronized cardioversion is to avoid causing a complication. For example, when a patient with atrial fibrillation undergoes synchronized cardioversion, the shock will be delivered at the best moment to convert the patient back to a normal sinus rhythm.

Why is the delivered shock not synchronized with the ECG?

  • In this example, the delivered shock is not synchronized with the ECG because the rhythm is unstable and there is no apparent QRS complex or T wave to avoid. The rhythm was converted to NSR after the shock was delivered.

What is the difference between synchronized and unsynchronized defibrillation?

  • The synchronized shock is delivered at a precise moment to avoid causing or inducing a certain type of arrhythmia (ventricular fibrillation ). The defibrillation procedure, on the other hand, delivers an unsynchronized electric current to the heart.

image-What is an unsynchronized shock?
image-What is an unsynchronized shock?
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