What is an underlying idea?

What are underlying reasons?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] The underlying features of an object, event, or situation are not obvious, and it may be difficult to discover or reveal them.

What is the meaning of underlying assumptions?

Underlying assumptions are the source of values in a culture and what causes actions within the organization. Organizational assumptions are usually “known,” but are not discussed, nor are they written or easily found. They are comprised of unconscious thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings (Schein, 2004).Jan 23, 2017

How do you use underlying?

(1) The underlying theme of the novel is very serious. (2) The bald statistics tell us nothing about the underlying trends. (3) Despite this month's disappointing figures, the underlying trend is healthy. (4) There was an underlying current of discontent among teachers.Jul 21, 2016

What is the definition of Underlinings?

verb (used with object), un·der·lined, un·der·lin·ing. to mark with a line or lines underneath; underscore. to indicate the importance of; emphasize, as by stressing or italicizing. ... a line drawn under something; an underscore.

image-What is an underlying idea?
image-What is an underlying idea?

What is the opposite of underlying?

underlyingadjective. located beneath or below. Antonyms: explicit, expressed, incident, superjacent, incidental.


How do you identify underlying assumptions?

One of the most reliable ways to find assumptions is to look for shifts in language between the premises and conclusion of an argument. When new stuff appears in the conclusion that wasn't discussed in the premises, it usually got there by way of an assumption.Aug 13, 2015


What is the underlying assumption on which financial statements are prepared?

The financial statements are normally prepared based on the assumption that operations of an enterprise will continue in the foreseeable future, i.e. neither there is any need nor any intention to materially curtail/ reduce the scale of operations or level of activities.Jan 1, 2021


What are our underlying assumptions about intelligence?

The deepest underlying assumption is that intelligence is a physical process or the (emergent) consequence of one, and not a metaphysical process or the (emergent) consequence of one. ... the endeavor to identify and understand the nature and characteristics of what we call "intelligence".Jan 3, 2019


Is Underlyingly a word?

Definition of 'underlyingly'

Underlyingly voiced consonants are devoiced word-finally, but surface faithfully with following epenthesis when word-internal. ... Underlyingly long consonants become short before another consonant.


What is underline noun?

Noun. underline (plural underlines) A line placed underneath a piece of text in order to provide emphasis or to indicate that it should be viewed in italics or (in electronic documents) that it acts as a hyperlink.


What is underline in password?

The 'underline' means underscore, which is not necessary for creating a login password, numbers and letters are safe enough as login password for the range extender. (Jul 1, 2021


What is interlining in fashion?

Interlinings are the accessories used between two layers of fabric to keep the different components of apparel in a desired shape or to improve the aesthetics and/or performance.

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