What is an example of vigorously?

1, Take vigorous exercise for several hours a week. 2, The vigorous young plants grew fast. ... 8, Your dog needs at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. 9, She made a vigorous speech in defence of her boyfriend.Jan 20, 2017

What is a vigorous person?

A vigorous person does things with great energy and enthusiasm. A vigorous campaign or activity is done with great energy and enthusiasm. She was a strong and vigorous politician.

What's a good example sentence?

You must set a good example to the children. 7. The book is a good example of Ruritanian adventure. ... Parents should set a good example to their children.Jun 11, 2017

What is a good sentence for vigorously?

She began working on her lap top vigorously . She shook her head vigorously . I know that this idea will be vigorously combated by those who conduct schools for the deaf.

Which sentence is the best use of the word vigorous?

Examples of vigorous in a Sentence

She remained vigorous into her nineties. His speech was met with vigorous applause. She gave a vigorous defense of her beliefs.
Nov 27, 2021

image-What is an example of vigorously?
image-What is an example of vigorously?

Who is a vigorous man?

A vigorous person is strong and healthy and full of energy. He was a vigorous, handsome young man. Synonyms: strong, powerful, robust, sound More Synonyms of vigorous.


Why does vigorous mean?

Vigorous is a description for something strong or enthusiastic. It comes from the French word vigour, meaning "liveliness, activity." An active, physically energetic person is vigorous, and mental activities can be vigorous too, when they require a lot of mental effort.


What is a bad sentence?

87. 36. When you want a baby so bad , the first morning of sickness is a blessing. 112. 67.


What is a good sentence for cramped?

Cramped sentence example. His stomach cramped at the memory of that cliff. She stood for a long moment in the cramped , silent foyer. Or the cramped little apartment that was home.


What is the sentence of startled?

Startled sentence example. His voice startled her. She gave a startled laugh. He looked startled for a moment, and then composed himself.

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