What is a return to work program?

What is the health and safety situation at CWRU?

  • The health and safety of the Case Western Reserve community is our highest priority. See our health and safety efforts and policies. CWRU has moved to a mobile vaccination clinic. Vaccines are now available by appointment only for members of the Case Western Reserve community.

What is the Deloitte return to work program?

  • The Deloitte Return to Work program is designed to support professionals in returning to work after a career break. The program is open to men and women, however, Return to Work is mainly aimed at helping women who have taken a career break transition back into the workplace.

What should I do if my worker wants to return to work?

  • Tell your worker who the return to work coordinator is and that they should expect a call from the coordinator soon. Ensure your worker has received the brochure ‘Introducing WorkSafe, a guide for injured workers’. Be prepared to make appropriate workplace changes to accommodate your worker's return to work.

image-What is a return to work program?
image-What is a return to work program?
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