What is a cue mark in film?

What does the second cue mark mean on a reel?

  • The second cue mark, displayed on the second image, means that there is 3 seconds until the end of the reel. A cue mark, also known as a cue dot, a cue blip, a changeover cue or simply a cue is a visual indicator used with motion picture film prints, usually placed on the right-hand upper corner of a frame of the film.

What is a changeover cue in a movie?

  • The term "changeover cue" can refer to any cue mark, or it can also refer to the second cue in a pair (the one that actually signals the changeover). SMPTE 301M-1999. SMPTE STANDARD for Motion-Picture Film: Theater Projection Leader, Trailer and Cue Marks. SMPTE 55-2000.

What is the motor cue on a reel?

  • The marks appear in the last seconds of each reel; the first mark, known as the motor cue, is placed about 8 seconds before the end of the picture section of the reel. The second mark, known as the changeover cue, is placed about 1 second before the end.

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