What is a brake bias ratio?

What is the difference between front brakes and rear brakes?

  • The front brakes are in the front, and the rear brakes are in the rear. That’s all you need to know, right? Perhaps, on the most basic level, that would be “correct,” but entirely misleading. The front brakes vs rear brakes comparison has everything to do with friction and heat.

How much friction do the front brakes provide?

  • In fact, the front brakes will often provide anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of the friction required to slow the vehicle. However, more modern cars will split the distribution of energy more evenly to all four tires depending on the brake bias.

What is a balance adjustment for brakes?

  • Brake balance adjustment is a matter of increasing the front or rear brake bias. But first, you need to understand how specific brake bias adjustments will affect your braking performance. To know how you could tune brake bias, take note of what happens when you’re trail braking at a corner entry.

image-What is a brake bias ratio?
image-What is a brake bias ratio?
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