What happened to Jonas Gustavsson?

How many NHL goalies are from Finland?

Finland's goalie production partly stems from a game that hones hand-eye coordination. Last season, 92 goaltenders played in the NHL. Eleven of them (12 percent) were from Finland.Sep 13, 2016

How many NHL players are Finnish?

Finland is the country that provides the NHL with the fourth-most players, at 49 (5.1%). Of the 49 players, 8 of them are goaltenders. Arguably, the best known active Finnish players in the NHL are Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild), Valtteri Filppula (Philadelphia Flyers), and Aleksander Barkov (Florida Panthers).

Is Finland good at hockey?

In recent years, Finland has been consistently ranked among the best teams in international hockey. Currently the team is ranked 3rd (26 May 2019) in the IIHF World Ranking.

Are there any British NHL players?

All three players finished their careers in the 21st century. The only player born in the UK currently playing in the NHL is Nathan Walker of the St. Louis Blues. ... The game was first administrated by the British Ice Hockey Association, from 1914 until 1999, when Ice Hockey UK took over.

image-What happened to Jonas Gustavsson?
image-What happened to Jonas Gustavsson?

Is hockey big in Denmark?

Ice Hockey, the ultimate winter Sport in Denmark

The biggest professional league is currently known as Metal Ligaen. ... Many players from the league have eventually moved into larger leagues like the NHL and KHL, including Peter Regin and Nicklas Jensen.


Who is the goalkeeper for Finland?

Goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky (L) of Finland wears a mask of an eagle owl as he celebrates with Paulus Arajuuri after the Eu.

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