What does S3 stand for?

What is the architecture of Amazon S3?

  • The Amazon S3 architecture is designed to be programming language-neutral, using AWS Supported interfaces to store and retrieve objects. Amazon S3 provides a REST and a SOAP interface. They are similar, but there are some differences.

What is an object in Amazon S3?

  • Objects are the fundamental entities stored in Amazon S3. Objects consist of object data and metadata. The data portion is opaque to Amazon S3. The metadata is a set of name-value pairs that describe the object. These include some default metadata, such as the date last modified, and standard HTTP metadata, such as Content-Type.

How much does the Audi S3 cost?

  • The Audi S3 is a premium small sports car that originally arrived in Australia as in 1999. Initially offered as a small hot-hatch with 152kW, today's model boasts more than 210kW and features a wide variant range, rising from the base $64,200 S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro and capping off at the top-of-the-range $73,400 S3 2.0 TFSI...

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