What does mixed oxide mean?

What is the formula for oxide ion?

  • The formula for an oxide ion is O2-, which shows that it is an anion. An oxide is a compound formed by the combination of oxygen and another element.

Is zinc oxide a compound or mixture?

  • Transcript of Element, Compound and Mixture. An eraser is rubber which is made of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, and zinc oxide. It is made up by a pure substance of two or more types of elements (atoms) chemically combined in a fixed proportion Glass IS a homogeneous mixture. It is basically frozen the structure of the precursor liquid in place.

What is a metal oxide or hydroxide?

  • Metal hydroxides are hydroxides of metals. Metal hydroxides are also known as strong bases. Many common metal hydroxides are made up from hydroxide ions and the ion of the particular metal that it is made up of.

image-What does mixed oxide mean?
image-What does mixed oxide mean?
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