What does microscopic cancer cells mean?

When cancer cells rupture and die, which is constantly happening in all cancers, they release their contents, including cancer-specific DNA that floats freely in the bloodstream—this is called “circulating tumor DNA.”Oct 31, 2018

Can microscopic colitis cause cancer?

  • Microscopic colitis is not related to the more serious types of bowel disease: ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Microscopic colitis doesn’t make you more likely to get cancer.

Is microscopic colitis common?

  • Microscopic colitis is a common condition that triggers chronic diarrhea. Its incidence rate is 0.8 to 6 .2 per 100000 persons. It is more common in Asian countries such as India.

What is small cell carcinoma?

  • small cell carcinoma a common, highly malignant form of bronchogenic carcinoma in the wall of a major bronchus, occurring mainly in middle-aged individuals with a history of tobacco smoking; it is radiosensitive and has small oval undifferentiated cells. Metastasis to the hilum and to mediastinal lymph nodes is common.

image-What does microscopic cancer cells mean?
image-What does microscopic cancer cells mean?
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