What are the best drones that follow you?

What are 'Follow Me' drones?

  • The one type of quadcopter that never fails to amaze us here at Dronesvilla – ‘Follow Me’ drones. With it, your UAV becomes a drone that follows you automatically and captures your every moment without you needing to control it. They don’t just follow where you’re heading, either.

Can you buy a follow me drone under $100?

  • Even on a budget, you can still find the best follow me drones under $100. After the pilot selects this function, the drone will then follow the target without needing to use the pilot’s input for control, by use of sensors, and software that allows the device to lock in on certain objects.

What is the best drone with autopilot?

  • Mavic Pro Quadcopter. The Mavic Pro drone has so many Follow Me autopilot modes. The Mavic is almost pocket sized, has a 4k camera and a 4.3 mile transmission range. It has 4 vision sensors, high precision satellite navigation and latest flight controls systems giving it the best autopilot systems to date.

image-What are the best drones that follow you?
image-What are the best drones that follow you?
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