What are Internet Exchange Points (IXes)?

What is an Internet Exchange?

  • An internet exchange, often called IX or IXP for short, is a switching platform where internet carriers can exchange peering traffic with each other.

Where can I find a list of IXP locations?

  • There are several sources for IXP locations, including Packet Clearing House, who have maintained the earliest list of IXPs, Telegeography, PeeringDB and the Network Startup Resource Center. Additionally, there are Internet exchange point associations that publish lists of member IXPs.

Where can I Find my Exchange Service Area (ESA) code?

  • Don't forget to verify that the exchange service area (ESA) code for your exchange is correct. You can look up your code at the following URL provided. http://www.telstrawholesale.c

image-What are Internet Exchange Points (IXes)?
image-What are Internet Exchange Points (IXes)?
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