Is Zulily Canadian or American?
Orderplus International Limited was incorporated on 09-SEP-2016 as a Private company limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. It's company registration number is: 2425784. The date of annual examination for this private company limited is between Sep 09 and Oct 20 upon the anniversary of incorporation.

What is OrderPlus?

OrderPlus is a cross-border e-commerce company that rapidly builds overseas brands and delivers high-quality Chinese design and Chinese-made products to the global consumer market. The company was founded in June 2014 and currently employs several hundred people.

Where is OrderPlus International Limited located?

Orderplus International Limited :: Hong Kong :: OpenCorporates.

Is it safe to buy from BerryLook?

BerryLook is one of many extremely inexpensive overseas fashion brands (similar to SheIn and Anniecloth). If you have your heart set on getting something at least semi-good for a low price, we'd recommend staying away from BerryLook.Nov 6, 2020

Is Zulily safe?

Zulily is legal and safe. They are not a scam by any means. Their business acts as a middleman that finds great sales and compiles them all in one place to help people get the best deals.Sep 7, 2021

image-Is Zulily Canadian or American?
image-Is Zulily Canadian or American?

Is Zulily a Chinese company?

Zulily, LLC is an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that sells clothing, footwear, toys, infant gear and home products.


Is Shein a legit site?

Shein is a reputable online retailer. If you're shopping from the US they have a great return policy (free return shipping on the first return package from your order within 30 days). Shein is one of the fastest growing online retailers (making the front page of the Wall Street Journal in summer 2021).


Who is the CEO of Zulily?

Zulily CEO Jeff Yurcisin Bio

Jeff Yurcisin serves as the CEO / President of Zulily.


Where is Zulily shipped from?

Your order will typically ship from our Zulily US warehouse within 10-12 days of the order date. For when specific items are expected to ship, take a look at the product description pages.


Is Vencano from China?

Clothing from Vencano comes from factories in China. China's industrial regulations allow employers to pay their workers very little money and expect vast amounts of merchandise. ... There is another repercussion for Chinese companies like Wish, Shein, and Vencano.Aug 2, 2021


Why does Zulily take so long?

Zulily executives believe that most shoppers who visit its site aren't looking for specific items they need in a few days, so they are often willing to wait longer for orders to arrive.May 4, 2014


Where is Modlily located?

So, where is Modlily located? Their website lists an address in Shanghai, China as their primary place of business, though they are careful to note that this is not the return address and return items should not be mailed there. (Shoppers receive a return address once their return request has been approved.)May 26, 2021


What is wrong with Shein?

Like every other fast fashion company, clothes produced by Shein are often lower quality and not made to last. After all, their clothes are supposed to be trendy. ... This means that every piece of clothing we buy from Shein will likely spend much more time in a landfill than they will ever spend in our wardrobes.Jul 14, 2021


Is it safe to order from Shein 2021?

Shein is very much LEGIT and they are NOT a scam. Although the prices of some of their clothing and accessories can appear too good to be true. ... As well as addressing other concerns you may have about the quality of Shein clothing and whether or not they are reliable.Apr 16, 2021


Is Shein a Chinese company?

With a shortened name, Shein (pronounced She-in) started out in its current form five years later. Although it's based in China, the firm mainly targets customers in the US, Europe and Australia with its cut-price crop-tops, bikinis and dresses, costing just £7.90 ($10.70) on average.Nov 9, 2021

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