Is Hondo based on a book?

Did Louis lamour write Hondo?

Hondo was author Louis L'Amour's 1953 publication, and shares with Arthur C. ... The 1953 film starring John Wayne and Geraldine Page was actually based upon a short story by L'Amour entitled “The Gift of Cochise”.

What is Hondo book about?

From the Inside Flap. Two men. ... And between Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe was the warrior Vittoro, whose people were preparing to rise against the white men. Now the pioneer woman, the gunman, and the Apache warrior are caught in a drama of love, war, and honor.

What is Hondo short for?

Rio Hondo (disambiguation), the name of several locations derived from the Spanish word for "deep" (as all the locations in the Americas are)

What is a Hondo?

A hondo is the small, even loop, knotted on the end of a lariat. Americans took the word “hondo” from the Mexican, honda, which means the same thing. ... The lasso is the hop formed by passing the end of the rope through the hondo.

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When did Louis Amour write Hondo?

L'Amour “wanted to write almost from the time I could talk.” After developing a widespread following for his many frontier and adventure stories written for fiction magazines, L'Amour published his first full-length novel, Hondo, in the United States in 1953.


What is the Gift of Cochise about?

“The Gift of Cochise” is set in the Arizona Territory, probably in the mid-1860s. ... In 1861, a U.S. Army officer arrested Cochise and five other Native-American leaders in connection with a cattle raid. One of the five men was killed, but Cochise managed to escape, despite three bullet wounds that he had received.


When was the Gift of Cochise written?

“The Gift of Cochise” was originally published in Colliers Magazine in 1952. John Wayne read it and purchased the rights to the story for $4,000. He asked James Edward Grant to write the screenplay. Grant changed the story a fair amount.Feb 20, 2009


What is the first Louis L'Amour book?

L'Amour's first novel, published under his own name, was Westward The Tide, published by World's Work in 1951.


Did Geraldine Page like John Wayne?

Geraldine Page, a Broadway actress with very liberal political views, was horrified by the right-wing views of John Wayne, Ward Bond, James Arness, and John Farrow. However she felt Wayne's remarks were more reasonable than the views expressed by Bond and Farrow.


How old is Hondo Ohnaka in rebels?

Anyway, based on all of this, I'd guess he's in his mid-teens to early 20s in 32 BBY, in his mid-20s to early 30s in 22 BBY, and in his 80s (and maybe even pushing 90) in 34 ABY.Mar 5, 2019


Where was the John Wayne movie Hondo filmed?

The screenplay is by James Edward Grant, whose brand of terse dialogue was particularly congenial to Wayne. It was filmed on location in the Mexican desert, in Camargo, Chihuahua, during the summer months, which no doubt accounts for the authentic-looking dust and sweat.Sep 21, 2013


What is it about Hondo Lane?

  • Louis L'Amour to the rescue! Hondo Lane is a man's man. He's a half-breed drifter. He's a loner who's never alone, because he is at one with the hardscrabble land of the old west. Is an abandoned and soon-to-be-widowed woman and her young son just the sort of temptation to lure Hondo into a tied-to-the-homestead existence?


Is 1 Hondo based on a true story?

  • Set in the 1870s or 1 Hondo was author Louis L’Amour’s 1953 publication, and shares with Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey the distinction of actually being a novelization of a successful film. The 1953 film starring John Wayne and Geraldine Page was actually based upon a short story by L’Amour entitled “The Gift of Cochise”.


What is it about Hondo?

  • All of these questions and more are answered, some satisfactorily and some are left intentionally vague, gray areas under the impossibly blue skies of the mid-1800s southwest. Great descriptions, good action and colorful characters abound in Hondo, one of L'Amour's most famous works.


Who is the antagonist in Hondo by Louis L Amour?

  • My book is called Hondo by Louis L'Amour. The setting is in the dessert of Arizona back in the cowboy and Indian days. The main character of this book of course is Hondo Lane, and the antagonist in my opinion was the chief Vittoro. Hondo was a dispatch rider who loved his cigarettes, his dog, and the land.

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