How does the contour app work?

How much does contour TV cost per month?

  • Contour TV prices start as low as $50.00 per month. Streaming on your mobile devices and computer is included for free. After choosing a plan, you’ll have the option to configure your TV equipment, DVR service and channel packs. Visit the Bundles & Deals page to shop top TV packages with Internet and more.

How do I connect my contour® diabetes meter with the app?

  • When you start using your CONTOUR ® NEXT ONE meter with the CONTOUR ® DIABETES app you will need to pair the two devices. The app and meter will then seamlessly connect and sync using Bluetooth ® technology.

How do I use the contourgps camera on my Device?

  • Select your video mode, adjust your microphone volume, change your lighting conditions, or configure your GPS, whether you're on the side of a mountain, on top of a dune, or deep in the woods. BLUETOOTH® ON iOS - The ContourGPS camera requires the Contour Connect View Card to connect with a supported Apple iOS device.

image-How does the contour app work?
image-How does the contour app work?
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