How does laser-induced plasma work?

What is laser-induced plasmamediated ablation?

  • ‘Laser plasma-induced ablation’ (Niemz, 2004), or ‘laser-induced plasmamediated ablation’ (Vogel and Venugopalan, 2003) is characterized by plasma formation during the interaction of laser radiation with tissue.

What is nanosecond pulsed laser plasma emission?

  • Nanosecond pulsed laser plasma emission. For the ns pulsed laser induced plasma, continuum emission appears during the laser pulse and lasts for several hundred nanoseconds. Ion emission also dominates on the ns timescale. Atomic and molecular line emission occurs after ∼ 1 microsecond.

What is laser induced cavitation?

  • Laser induced cavitation is one of the effective techniques to generate controlled cavitation bubbles, both for basic study and for applications in different fields of engineering and medicine. Unfortunately, control of bubble formation and symmetry is hardly achieved due to a series of concurrent causes.

image-How does laser-induced plasma work?
image-How does laser-induced plasma work?
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