How does brain simulation work?

What is the simulated brain database?

  • These pages provide a solution to the validation problem, in the form of a Simulated Brain Database (SBD). The SBD contains a set of realistic MRI data volumes produced by an MRI simulator. These data can be used by the neuroimaging community to evaluate the performance of various image analysis methods in a setting where the truth is known.

Where does simulation take place?

  • Simulation takes place at several separate organisational levels in the brain, ranging from the molecular though the subcellular to cellular and up to the whole organ. The level of detail decreases as the level rises towards the whole organ.

What is the HBP's brain simulation platform?

  • Besides the Brain Simulation Platform, the HBP is also conceiving models at the whole-brain level. In these models, the smallest unit is not a neuron but a population of neurons, which corresponds to the resolution of brain imaging.

image-How does brain simulation work?
image-How does brain simulation work?
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