How does air-gapped malware work?

What is air gapping (air gap attack)?

  • What is air gapping (air gap attack)? - Definition from Air gapping is a security measure that involves isolating a computer or network and preventing it from establishing an external connection.

What is an air-gapped computer?

  • For example, an air gapped computer is one that is physically segregated and incapable of connecting wirelessly or physically with other computers or network devices. Air-gapped networks are used to protect many types of critical systems, including those that support the stock market, the military, the government and industrial power industries.

What is airgapping and how does it work?

  • Air-gapping is a way for network administrators to build a “roadblock” made of air to keep malicious programming code that hackers drop on networks from wreaking havoc on networks. Without cables or WIFI connections, the malware cannot travel any further than the physical boundaries of the network.

image-How does air-gapped malware work?
image-How does air-gapped malware work?
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