How do I use the focal?

How do I change the focal length of the camera?

  • The button In/Out of the Dynamic View dialog changes the focal length of the camera. However Revit does not provide focal length numeric value because of possible confusions. Focal length in photography usually relates to pictures taken with cameras that have 35 mm wide film.

How does the focal length affect the AFOV?

  • For a given sensor size, the shorter the focal length, the wider the AFOV. Additionally, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the shorter the distance needed to obtain the same FOV compared to a longer focal length lens. For a simple, thin convex lens, the focal length is the distance from the back surface of the lens to the plane ...

How do I calibrate my camera with connect focal?

  • Connect FoCal to your camera and it takes complete control: configuring, adjusting, shooting and analysing all automatically. A complete calibration can be finished in as little as 90 seconds. Attach the FoCal Target to a wall, put the camera on a tripod and connect to the computer.

image-How do I use the focal?
image-How do I use the focal?
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