How can I Hack my Brain?

How to make your brain smarter in 2015?

  • If you want to wow the world in 2015, here are some actionable brain hacks to make you smarter. 1. Feed your brain This is the first and foremost hack, because if your engine doesn’t have the proper fuel, then it won’t be running at it’s best speed.

Is brain hacking via technology becoming a reality?

  • Cognitive enhancement is likely to be the next significant scientific breakthrough in human health. Multiple products – both legal and illegal – already on the market promise to increase one’s brainpower and intelligence. In other words, brain hacking via technology is becoming a reality. Let’s provide the definition of “brain hacking” quickly.

Is the growth mind-set a good brain hack?

  • Develop a growth mind-set “I think that the growth mind-set is a very helpful brain hack. The growth mind-set emphasises the possibility of change and growth as opposed to focusing on capacity or ability.

image-How can I Hack my Brain?
image-How can I Hack my Brain?
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