Can NFC cards hack ATMs?

What is NFC and how does it work?

  • It is a way for devices to communicate with each other when they are physically nearby. The most common place you'll find NFC is on your smartphone. If your phone is NFC-enabled, as most are these days, you can use NFC for tasks like quickly pairing headphones with your phone, or bumping your phone against someone else's to transfer contact data.

What happens if you bump an NFC device?

  • Basics of An NFC Hack. Because NFC is a connection based on convenience, and because there aren’t many security checks in place, a bump could end up uploading a virus or malware or some other malicious file to the bumped device. And if the NFC implementation is insecure, that file could be automatically opened by the device.

Could NFC readers be used to steal credit card data?

  • But Nohl points to a few drawbacks that reduce its practicality for real-world thieves. A hacked NFC reader would only be able to steal mag-stripe credit card data, not the victim's PIN or the data from EMV chips.

image-Can NFC cards hack ATMs?
image-Can NFC cards hack ATMs?
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